Single in Paris



Vacations are best times to free the mind and soul while sharing unforgettable moments with loved ones. But single people should not feel left out. They should pack up their bags and visit places. Paris is one destination that a single person can enjoy their holidays. A few tips on when to visit, where to visit and things to do in Paris is all you need. This article will enlighten you as a single person why Paris is a great destination.

When to visit Paris

Vacations need good weather conditions for you to explore nature comfortably. Late spring and fall have the best weather, and that would be the months of May, June, September, and October. It will be a challenge getting discount hotel deals, so you need to book way earlier. Summers are hot and dry but have excellent and attractive hotel deals that will save you a bunch. If you are the single person who loves winter holidays, Paris is a great getaway. Airfare is way less compared to summer, and cafes are cozy, and the streets are lively. Layers of warm clothes will solve your weather issues as you enjoy your vacation in Paris during winter.

Places to visit in Paris

Square du Vert-Galant – Square du Vert-Galant is a cozy and comfortable park located on the western tip. With your bottle of wine, you can relax on the grass after taking the stairs from Pont Neuf. Singles enjoy the views and watch the boat sail past on either side of the island. Square du Vert-Galant will give you a taste of the excellent Midnight in Paris for free.

Palais –Royal Gardens – If you are the single person who likes relaxing in a place free from noise and hustle bustle, royal gardens is a must visit while you are in Paris. From the serene formal gardens to the elegant shops behind the 17th-century palace makes it one of Paris best-kept secret. Enjoy your brunch and lunch outdoors or in restaurants are royal gardens such as Zola and Colette.

Galeries Lafayette – Paris is known for its diverse fashion and perfume designers and attending one of the fashion shows will be a privilege. Get a single seat at the Galeries Lafayette every Friday and get a taste of La mode. The fashion shows include professional models rocking the runway and displaying what’s the in thing to wear that season.

Paris is an amazing city to visit as a single person. You will enjoy the numerous and diverse cultures, different cuisines and feel the love. Though Paris is an expensive place to explore when single you shop till you drop with cut down prices.