Single in Spain

Casa Mila Gaudi
Casa Mila Gaudi

A solo vacation is the time for new beginnings, to forget old chapters, to discover the world beyond your usual and to rediscover the real you. An exotic location, away and apart from everything that you have become accustomed to is a wonderful catalyst for creativity and change in your life.

Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, has a magical attraction for single travelers. It is considered, above all, a great place to let your hair down and party the night away with other single travelers who might be traveling solo or in pairs or trios.

Barcelona’s excellent location means that the weather is pleasant all year round. The period between May and August is especially warm with temperatures generally hovering between 73 and 83 degrees F (23 and 30 degrees C). Of course, you will inevitably have to contend with larger tourist crowds in this period.

If you are a gastronomic connoisseur or just love your food, Barcelona is one of the most wonderful places to indulge your palate. The single traveler should stick with tapas for the small portions which will let you sample an eclectic variety of delicious concoctions at reasonable prices. Another appealing option would be to join a food tour which will combine a journey through some of the most popular areas with an informative introduction to the range of influences that define Spanish food today.

Barcelona is famous for its street performers whose antics will enthrall you. Las Ramblas Street is the go-to place for the most unique visual treats available in the city. Dancers, human statues and feats of levitation will leave you with a smile on your face… and lots of pictures on your camera.

It would be a sin to go all the way to Barcelona and then not visit one of the many beautiful beaches. Barcelona’s beaches’ wide bands of sand are perfect for tanning, planning the day with your travel guide or simply people-watching the mix of locals and tourists. Treat yourself to a lazy afternoon siesta or, if it takes your fancy, experience a little bit more freedom by visiting Mar Bella Beach, the unofficial nude beach.

Barcelona’s beaches are also lined with innumerable bars, cafes, bistros and restaurants if you prefer not to have sand in your pants.

The city’s rich architectural and cultural history has earned it nine spots on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, seven of which are the opus of a single master architect, Antoni Gaudi. Casa Vicens, Park Guell, Casa Mila and the crypt of the church at the Colonia Guell are just four of these that will enrapture you with their combination of undulating, svelte lines and mesmerizing colors that you never imagined belonged on a building.

Barcelona is a unique blend of traditional and modern, and offers so many varied activities that you will never have time to notice that you are traveling solo, and its easygoing atmosphere provides the excellent setting for if you decide that you no longer want to.