Singles Cruising

Woman enjoying the sea

The calm, open ocean as far as the eye can see; clear, blue skies untarnished by a single cloud, the unfettered sea breeze carrying the promise of a fresh start at the break of a new day on the high seas.

As a single on a singles cruise, that is about as perfect a setting you can have for whatever you have in mind for your escapade.

Perhaps it is the detachment from terra firma that does it, but cruisers commonly claim a loss of inhibitions as soon as they push off from land. The spirit of adventure infuses in some the ability and inclination to strike up conversations with strangers where they otherwise would not, and makes the socially-oriented even more so.

Many cruise lines offer a series of activities for cruisers traveling alone, but those pale in comparison to singles-specific cruises.

The overwhelming majority of singles on singles cruises are looking for at least the possibility of the intense and brief burn of a vacation romance, maybe even several of them. This changes the dynamics on the cruise into one that is akin to that at a nightclub on a weekend… except the weekend goes on for days, and there is an entire cruise ship of fun activities through which to get to know your new friends better.

The cornucopia of activities onboard is punctuated by exotic port calls which are ideal for getting to know people in surroundings more natural than those on a ship. There is nothing like a stint back on the reality of land to gauge the strength of those newfound bonds.

Something has to be said about cruising by yourself, though: even though lone cruisers are by themselves, there is a difference between the single cruiser and the solo cruiser. The former might be open to romantic escapades, perhaps even seeking them out but the latter is alone and maybe prefers it that way.

There are many who choose the experience of a singles-only cruise simply for the thrill of the adrenaline rush of being checked out or being approached by other singles, without the intention of indulging further at all.

Either way, the thrill of an experience as a single on a singles-only cruise is seldom matched by any other singles-oriented activity, anywhere. The sheer saturation of singles and the inherent nature of the setup and activities on singles-only cruises will serve to propel you into an exciting, exhilarated state of mind where the dawn of each day is ripe with the endless possibilities of the hours of light and dark to come.

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