Singles Experience in Playa del Carmen


Truth be told, there are very few progressive, single-friendly vacations spots in a world that are widely considered as being stereotypically conservative. Playa del Carmen is one of those few places. According to social experts, this has been mainly influenced by the fact that since 2013, Playa has been seen as a haven for unmarried/unattached people. And, as expected, this has, in turn, opened up a paradise for idiosyncratic partners who want to escape the harsh realism of their everyday life. The reality that the human society, in general, is yet to be civil and tolerant enough to accept and respect people as they choose to be.

Here’s a quick primer to some of the best places to explore in Playa del Carmen:

  • Explore the Once-Fishing-Village-Turned-Resort-City – Very few people actually realize that the Playa del Carmen was once a remote fishing village. And this is despite the fact that it is currently one of Mexico’s most popular vacation spots. If it is not the turquoise Caribbean sea or the alluring white sand beaches, then there’s the warmth of the friendly locals. And that’s not all. For the unattached gentleman or lady, the Playa del Carmen offers exciting opportunities to meet and interact with the opposite sex whether it is the numerous tourist’s points of interest such as the Yucatan Peninsula or the maze of underground caves and rivers. Speaking of which, did you know that some of these underground taverns can be accessed directly by opening up the earth’s surface. And if you’re a single man or woman who enjoys studying ancient history, then the Mayan archaeological site will be a good place to wind up your vacation in Playa del Carmen
  • The Nightlife – Truth be told, Playa del Carmen is arguably one of the few places today where you can find a nightlife geared specifically towards no-string-attached interactions. For instance, it is the norm for single revelers to throng most of Playa’s clubs and bars. Other than that, there’s always a popular weekly single’s party at the Acanto beach where revelers can interact, intermingle and make new friends/partners.
  • Single-friendly Beaches – Playa’s party spots are simply unparalleled. Not only are they full of party and fun-loving people, but are also tolerable to people of all sexual orientations. In fact, beaches such as Queen turf and Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach draw a blend of both straight, bi and gay single visitors from all over the Caribbean, Mexico and mainland America.

See you there as you have fun!