Singles in BVI

tortola, british virgin island
tortola, british virgin island

If you have ever wanted to discover how many shades of blue the ocean could possibly manifest, the British Virgin Islands offer a chance to find out for yourself. From the almost completely transparent waters that showcase the flawless white sand beneath to the deepest, darkest midnight blue, these islands of the Caribbean are nature’s showcase of wondrous beauty.

The BVI consists of about sixty largely undeveloped islands. 80% of the population lives on Tortola, the largest of the only 15 inhabited islands.

Although popularly regarded as a couples’ destination and popular with honeymooners, the BVI has no shortage of activities for the single traveler, whether you are looking for some solitary peace and quiet or a holiday romance.

If you abhor crowded beaches and packed hotels and bars, it is best to avoid the winter holiday rush from December to February. The September to November period offers the best balance of pleasant weather and lower occupancy rates.

Choose Tortola Island for your stay if you crave exciting water sports like kite boarding, surfing, kayaking and windsurfing; the other islands do also offer limited variety and options of water sports. There are excellent diving and snorkeling spots throughout the BVI.

If your thirst for adrenaline carries on into the night, Tortola offers the perfect smorgasbord of bars and clubs along the beach and in the interior. These are the ideal places to meet similarly-inclined individuals and make this Caribbean getaway one you won’t forget.

On the other hand, if you need some alone time for rest, relaxation and recuperation, any one of the islands other than Tortola would be advisable. Tortola itself does have its idyllic spots but cannot offer the same level of tranquillity and quiet as the smaller, less populated islands.

If being a spectator suits you just fine, the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival from late March to April offers a thrilling, hard-pumping experience. The Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival is held every March on the island of Virgin Gorda. It offers visitors a glimpse into the unique creative scene that has developed in the region from a variety of influences, thanks to its central location.

The Caribbean is renowned for its sailing scene and offers both some of the most tranquil and the most challenging sea routes anywhere in the world. Several companies offer individuals the chance to explore the sea with them on board their vessels, which offers a completely different experience from a simple cruise.

Be it isolation, a party, activity or companionship you seek, the British Virgin Islands place at your behest a plethora of choices that will have you thanking the stars for your single status.