Singles in Oahu

Lanikai Beach

Oahu. The Gathering Place.

No, that’s not a catchy slogan manufactured by the island’s tourism board, it is the actual meaning of the word ‘Oahu’. And quite rightly so for this single island is home to more than two-thirds of Hawaii’s population.

But the trend extends beyond Oahu’s 227 miles of pristine shoreline – the island receives over five million visitors every year, each seeking the perfect beach island experience that have immortalized Oahu in popular culture through unforgettable images in films and on TV.

This aura of exotic fun and carefree revelry around Oahu also make it one of the best places to be single and looking.

The statistics paint Oahu as slightly in favor of the single woman – it has a single man to single woman ratio of 1.27, the second highest for a metropolitan city in the United States, just behind Las Vegas. Women will also appreciate that a large number of the single male population is employed by the government on the slew of Army, Navy and Air Force bases on the island. Yes, they are young, employed and really, really fit.

While it would be unfair to reduce this Hawaiian island or any other to the beach, the waves and the sun, Oahu really does seem to have them all in beautiful abundance. Venture slightly into the interior, though, and you will be greeted with some of the greenest hues of green stretching into the distance. The volcanoes that make Oahu’s fertile soil soar upwards from the middle of the island.

If you are looking for someone who shares your passion for nature, then the endless miles of green hiking tracks and just as seemingly infinite stretches of blue swimming and surfing ocean surely have someone looking for you.

A gentle word of caution: for safety reasons, neither hiking nor swimming are ideal to indulge in alone.

If your interests stretch into the more sophisticated (and perhaps more covered with shade), then the Polynesian Heritage Center, the Bishop Museum, the Honolulu Academy of the Arts and I’olani Palace might have you bumping into a gorgeous stranger just as immersed in reading the displays as you are.

If a little social lubrication goes a long way for you, there is absolutely no shortage of bars and clubs to party the night away into morning.

Oahu really is a singles paradise whose geography makes meeting people whose interests align with yours that much easier.

The December to March period is very popular for winter vacationers but visit between April and October to enjoy Oahu’s ceaseless sunshine.