Singles in Melbourne, Australia

Singles in Melbourne, Australia

Australia is one of the most inviting, friendly and exciting destinations in the world, and all those things are just as true generally as they are for singles visiting the city of Melbourne. Best of all, everyone speaks English here, which makes traveling easier and also opens up welcome doors for the solo explorer.

The capital of the state of Victoria is a metropolitan city with a fascinating and addictive cafe and dining scene. Just as well-regarded is its nightlife and there are plenty of undiscovered gems in back streets that are fantastic for chilling out and/or making friends. Together, they make for a world of interesting adventures and are ripe for new friendships for those traveling alone.

Melbourne is widely regarded as Australia’s sporting capital as it hosts some of the national calendar’s most important sports events. These include the Melbourne Cup (known as ‘the race that stops the nation’ which is almost literally true), the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix and the Australian Open, one of the world’s four Grand Slams of tennis.

For the solo traveler, renting a car may be the best way to sightsee at your own pace. Melbourne offers some truly beautiful and unique driving roads. The Great Ocean Road is a prime example. It showcases some spectacular coastal panoramas, including the Island Archway, a massive stone structure created by natural erosion. The wildlife lover has the 10,000 animals at Melbourne Aquarium to indulge their passion. Massive saltwater crocodiles inhabit Australia’s rivers and coast, and you can find one of the largest in the world housed here. Get up close and personal with another 300 species at Melbourne Zoo.

The art enthusiast will have the National Gallery of Australia to satisfy their craving for culture. 68,000 individual exhibits spanning native art, traditional art, photography, jewelry, textiles and fashion await.

For a meaningful touch to your holiday, stop by the Shrine of Remembrance, which is dedicated to the service and sacrifice of the brave soldiers of the First World War.

Many visitors choose to backpack through Australia and there is an extremely broad selection of affordable accommodation from which to choose. If you want to splurge, there is an equally wide array of options at your disposal in Melbourne. Situated as it is in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne’s seasons are the reverse of North America’s – winter falls in the middle of the year and summer at the beginning and end.

If you are looking for escape from the cold at home, Melbourne’s summer between December and February is perfect. Revel in the sun-soaked beaches and parade on the sand for a sweltering Christmas. Visit between March and May to enjoy fall, the perfect season for trekking. This is also when Melbourne Fashion Week is held. The June to August period is winter, and Melbourne’s winters are chillier than that of other major Aussie cities like Sydney and Brisbane. Avoid, unless you are here for the skiing or the indoors. The Wine Festival and Melbourne Film Festival are key events.

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