Singles in Munich, Germany

When you travel solo, you get to experience the world without the influence of a friend’s tastes, preferences or prejudices. When you are traveling alone, you are more likely to be on a voyage of self discovery. One of the best places for a singles experience vacation is Munich, Germany. Munich is a beautiful German city that’s known for incredible architecture, fine culture, and mind blowing festivals like the Oktoberfest. It is also a hub of technology, and is home to a beautiful historic city center, large gardens and parks, amazing museums and much more. If you are traveling solo to Munich, here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Check Out the BMW Museum – The BMW Museum is located near Olympia park, and was opened in the year 1973. It features exhibits about the history of the BMW cars and motorcycles. The building’s unique design has led to it getting nicknamed, “the white cauldron or the salad bowl,” due to its’ futuristic design. The museum demonstrates BMW’s development through history, and has engines, prototypes, aircrafts, turbines, motorcycles and a wide variety of historic vehicles.
  2. Deutsches Museum – Referred to as the German Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology, the Deutsches museum is the world’s largest museum of science and technology, and is home to more than 27,000 exhibited objects from over 50 different fields of science and technology. Opened in the year 1925, the museum covers an area of about 538,000 sq feet, and has over 18,000 artifacts and exhibits which mark important milestones in computers, electricity, telecommunication, aerospace, railways, marine navigation, music, chemistry, mining, astronomy, and agriculture. If you are interested in aerospace, construction, engineering, and natural sciences, then you need to check out this museum.
  3. The Marienplatz – Marienplatz (which translates to Mary’s square in English), is the most famous venue in Munich. It received its’ name when the town residents asked the Virgin Mary to protect the town from a cholera epidemic. Marienplatz houses the new and the old townhall, and was once the site for festivities, tournaments and a market place. Today the square continues to be the heart of Munich.
  4. Stroll the English Garren – The English Garden is a huge park at the center of Munich, and offers singles lots of beautiful places to relax, picnic and hike. Created in the year 1789, the English Garden covers about 1,000 acres and although it is called the “English Garden,” it includes a wide variety of unique spaces including, but not limited to: the Japanese Teahouse, the Chinese Tower, and a beer garden. Near the entrance, there’s a river where folks can surf as the water flows out under the magnificent bridge. There’s also a great beer garden right in the middle of the massive park where you can get to relax and enjoy your day.

Best Time of Year To Go To Munich

Munich can actually be regarded as an all year round destination, because the city has something on offer throughout the year. That said, you should know that the best time of year to visit this fascinating city is between the months of March and May when the crowds are fewer and the weather is pleasant.

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