Solo Travel to Dubrovnik

Solo Travel to Dubrovnik

The odds are are that no matter where you live around the world, you have seen Dubrovnik, Croatia. And not just once or twice, but dozens of times. Surprised? Doubtful? I have two words for you: King’s Landing. Yes, the set of the iconic city from the hit Game of Thrones TV series is located in Dubrovnik. The magnificent, sweeping views, the cobblestone streets and the sound of clanging chain-mail can all be experienced in Dubrovnik today. Okay, maybe not the last one.

If you are a fan of the series and single, there are several walking tours of Dubrovnik created specifically around the franchise. Visit the scenes of your favorite events from the series and find your significant other at the same time? Sounds like a plan to me. However, Dubrovnik has been a singles’ paradise since long before GoT burst onto our screens. Croatia has a reputation for having some of the most attractive people in the world and not just on the outside – Croatians have an awesome reputation for being extremely welcoming.

The city known as the Pearl of the Adriatic is blessed with awesome architecture and natural beauty that are inherently conducive to a great vibe. It is one of the few places in the word where you can stroll along a long, white sand beach in the morning, gaze at the clear blue sea from medieval fortifications after lunch and then immerse yourself in a vibrant, exciting wildlife in the evening.

If the awesome confluence of modernity and nature wasn’t enough, there is no shortage of history and heritage for those who prefer more sedate pastimes. The City Walls and Forts and the War Photo Museum are perfect for this. The former dates back to the fifteenth century when Croatia was first invaded by the Turks of the Ottoman empire. Tours here will give you some quiet and the cafes and bars that abound will let you mingle with similar-minded groups and single visitors. Croatia has a well-managed and efficient public transport system and a wide variety of affordable backpacker accommodation, both of which can be very attractive for the single traveler looking to make friends.

Most people would be familiar with the iconic daytime view of Dubrovnik, with its white fortifications standing between the azure sea on one side and the orange-tiled, neatly-packed buildings on the other. However, the sight is perhaps even more amazing in the falling dusk – the orange hues of the setting sun play upon the waters as the lights of the city come to life. Just perfect whether you are admiring the gorgeous view from a hilltop alone or strolling along the high walls hand in hand with someone.

The tourist season begins in July and peaks in October before ending halfway in December. Dubrovnik is not really a winter town so the start and end of that period would be the best balance between ensuring a great exploration of the city while avoiding the crowds.