Some Of The Best Highlights Of A Danube River Cruise

Iron Gates, Decebal's head carved in rock
Iron Gates, Decebal’s head carved in rock

Some Of The Best Highlights Of A Danube River Cruise

Europe is such a big place with full of history and wonders. On the downside, going through these beautiful places can be difficult in terms of logistics. Thankfully, there is a great way to efficiently visit some of the best places in Europe in fast pace and very enjoyable at the same time.

What I’m talking about is a Danube River Cruise. I can’t tell you all beautiful spots that a cruise like this one would visit, but the below are probably the top on my list.

Vienna Opera House – Even if you are not fond of opera, you will still find the Vienna Opera house very intriguing. This opera house was the first of its kind that is built in Vienna.  If you are into some art history and a bit of world history, then this opera house is simply a must-see. This is because the Vienna Opera house is one of the perfect examples of neo-Renaissance architecture.  Another notable highlight of this opera house is the fact that it survived World War 2, and it even survived a fire because of a bombardment.  The Vienna Opera House is still operational to this day. In fact, it’s one of the busiest opera houses in the world with 200 performances each year. Depending on the time of your visit, it’s common to have a different opera performance for the days of the week.

Iron Gates – One of the interesting highlights of a Danube River cruise is the visiting of a natural geographical formation known as the Iron Gates.  Many tourists consider the Iron Gates as one of the fascinating and breathtaking cliff formations in the world. The Iron Gates is actually a narrow passage with towering cliffs on both sides. On one side, it’s the cliff from the Balkan Mountains, while on the other side it’s from the Carpathian Mountains. The Iron Gates also serves as a natural border between Romania and Serbia. The gorge is about 2 miles long and about 550 feet wide. The water can get exciting as the cruise moves through the passage. On top of it all, the Iron Gates also houses the largest hydroelectric power dams in the Europe.

Palace Of Justice – Most Danube river cruises will often stop at the Palace of Justice. There is a good reason for this. To state it simply, you should never miss this building as it’s not only beautiful, but it also played a large role in history. The Palace Of Justice is situated in Bavaria, Germany.  If you don’t know about the Nuremberg trials, it’s the trial in which most of Hitler’s henchmen were sentenced and found guilty for war crimes that are deemed “unthinkable”.  The prison and courtroom is open during weekdays, and it’s sometimes being renovated during the weekends. Be sure to check out the schedule to avoid delays and disappointments.

The Danube River Cruise is one of the most enjoyable and efficient way of checking out some of the beautiful spots of Europe. A few examples of these are the Vienna Opera House, Iron Gates and Palace Of Justice. Remember, these are only a few of the many destinations, so book your Danube River Cruise now.