8 Activities for Spring Break in Puerto Rico

spring break vacation

For college students who would like to travel to the Caribbean during spring break, then Puerto Rico is among one of the best places you can go. The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan is highly populated. Here you can easily interact with the locals.  Puerto Rico has several things you can do and still stick to your budget as a student.

Things to do in Puerto Rico:

  1. Wander Around Old San Juan – There are many things you can do in San Juan. You can spend several hours with your group members and learn a lot. You can decide to take a guided tour or just use a guidebook to tour different places of interest.
  2. Sample Some Local Food – There are several ways you can sample local foods. For example, you can visit the local market and get to know the types of fruits sold. Common foods you can learn about include mofongo, lechon, rum drinks and exotic tropical fruits.
  3. Experience a Bio Bay – There are several Bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico where you can visit and experience the bioluminescent phenomenon. Laguana Grande in Fajardo or Mosquito Bay on Vieques are 2 of the top spots to see this amazing nature.
  4. Hike a Tropical Rain Forest – There are several rain forests in Puerto Rico where you can go hiking. But, you will enjoy great experience if you decide to hike El Yunque National Forest.
  5. Beach on the Main Island – You can decide to go to Balneario Monserrate in Luquillo. The beach has great facilities for you to enjoy your time. Other beaches you can visit include Playa Puerto Nuevo. This beach is near the metro area where you can spend your evening.
  6. Explore a Cave in the Karst Region – Caves available where you can go for an adventure include Cueva Ventana and Rio Camuy Caves Park.
  7. Snorkel at Deserted Island – You can have an organized snorkeling excursion or just organize yourself and enjoy the time you have together as college students.
  8. Adventure Tour – To make the tour stand out, you can do many different activities including; ATVs, Ziplines, Rappelling, horseback riding, hang gliding among other adventures.

Puerto Rico is full of activities. And a great place to spend your spring break.