Spring Break: Island of Pag, Croatia

Spring Break: Island of Pag, Croatia

The island of Pag is the fifth largest island of the Croatian coast, and it has one of the longest coastlines making it the most indented island of Adriatic. Also known as moon island because of its’ stunning moonlike landscape, the island is very rich with coves, capes, bays and beaches. Pag Island is quite easy to reach from mainland, (probably the easiest island to reach out of all Croatian islands). This is mainly because Pag is connected to mainland (at its’ southern tip) by a bridge.

This rather unusual Croatian island, is relatively barren and dry, but hosts a very vibrant island culture and got some beautiful beaches. The island is well known for its’ secluded coves, lace making, Pag cheese (known as Paski Sir ) which is prized throughout Croatia, and the delicious Pag lamb which is naturally flavored with salty grass which feeds the sheep. Because of strong winds (known as Bura), the island has numerous stone walls which have been built by shepherds and farmers to allow for cultivation. The island also boasts olive trees, vineyards, and salty grass (from the strong winds) which gives the pag cheese and meat its’ distinctive flavor.

Things To Do in Pag Island

  • Check Out the Olive Gardens – The grove is government protected site and there are over 80,000 beautifully gnarled olive trees found here. The garden’s most important specimens are over 15,000 wild olive trees which can be found interspersed among other olive trees with an average age of about 1,200 years. These wild olive trees are the very last of their kind in this region.
  • Spring Break Island Festival – Zrce beach which is near Novalja on Pag Island has become increasingly popular among party goers because of the Spring Break Island Festival which takes place here. Pag Island actually offers several festivals all throughout the season, but Spring Break Island Festival is the best and most popular. During Spring Break Island Festival, the music and dance never stops and the beach never sleeps. If you like spending your days relaxing on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and/or clubbing, and spending your evenings enjoying some of the world’s biggest and most famous DJs, then you should consider visiting Pag Island on Spring Break.
  • Simuni Beach – Just like most other beaches in Croatia, the Simuni beach is home to absolutely sparkling crystal clear waters and relatively rocky shores. The beach also has trees which provide shade where guests can rest under. Though it isn’t hard to reach, this somewhat isolated beach is less crowded than most other spots in the Island, even during high season. Some of the activities you can engage in here include, but not limited to; sun bathing, swimming, jet-skiing among others.
  • Visit Sinara Gligora – When you visit Pag Island, consider checking out a family run cheese factory at Sirana Gligora located in Kolan village. The award winning products which are found at this cheese factory are made using sheep’s milk which comes from the neighboring farms. This is the ideal destination for those days when going to the beach is not a good idea. You will also find friendly Dalmatian style tavern (also known as Konoba) serving local prsut (this is a Dalmatian double smoked ham), sardines, famous pag cheese, local wines and brandy. You might even get to hear the locals singing their traditional songs.

Best Time of Year To Visit

Pag Island is one of the sunniest islands on Adriatic coast, with more than 2,500 hours of pure sunshine every year; this makes it the perfect destination not only during summer, but also during winter and the rest of the year. With that said, if you want to enjoy a spring break experience here, you should know that the Spring Break Island Festival usually takes place in the month of June with boat parties, beach parties, and sports contests on the breathtaking Adriatic sea.

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