Spring Break! Maui

Road to Hana
Road to Hana

Few places in the world combine exotic offerings into one place to make for a sizzling vacation destination like Maui, Hawaii. Consider the rich Maui culture. The famed weather and climate, immaculate beaches, blossoming green valleys and botanical gardens will certainly make for valuable lifetime reminiscence. Those are just a handful of the general offerings the second-largest island in the Valley Isle of Hawaii has to offer to anyone looking to experience a splendid vacation.

Here are just some of the top-notch, world-leading Maui attractions to look out for. Appreciably, the weather is largely all-around supportive of multiple sports and other outdoor activities all year around.

  1. Road to Hana – The locals refer to the road as The Highway to Heaven for a couple of reasons.Best among those are the over 14 spots you can stop at and enjoy the spectacular, mountainous and volcanic surroundings. These are especially lush during the spring. And then there’s the trio of Wailua, Upper Waikani, and Waimoku Falls along to provide for an awesome spectacle for nature lovers. There are numerous of these too, and especially when it rains—usually frequent but often times light showers. While the road is officially named Hana Highway, it is marked as Hwy 36 on maps. It starts officially at the junction of Hwy 360 and Hwy 36, winding all the way to upcountry Maui. You’d be smart to start the drive a little earlier, too. About 7 am before the rest of the crowd catches up with you from 8-10 am. Then traffic might become a bit of a nag, just a bit. Overall, though, the Hana Highway is one scenic treat you have to experience to best believe.
  2. Maui Historic Villages – Learn and explore the rich and diverse cultural serving from the locals, too. From the time of Hawai’ilowa, through the era of King Kamehameha, first of his name, and the Battle of Kepaniwai, there’s native Hawaiian tradition all around. You can taste in the indigenous food servings. It is there in the delightful, warm eyes of the local performing arts industry. And it totally engulfs you with a keen sense of belonging at every performance. So you can finally leave the big cities behind and get in touch with authentic cultural splendor in Maui.
  3. Stellar Hospitality – Fall in love with the top-notch restaurants, mind-soothing spas and food joints to kill for almost everywhere you choose to eat out.There’s a plate for every palate, literally and figuratively. Choose from the wide selection of where to stay in Maui, tours, activities and services. From your hotel, you can order a rental car if you prefer to tour Maui at your own discretion. Alternatively, you can request for a guided tour including along the Hana Highway, inside the Garden of Eden, and the along the spectacular combination of the white, red and black beaches along the edges of Maui.
  4. Whale-Watching at its Best – Maui is a major anchorage for whale-watching in the world. Sightings are guaranteed.Its all-year warm/mild weather ensures that the Humpback whales travel about over 3000 miles (5,600 km) to come relax here. There are only about 10,000 of these endangered mammals in the Pacific. And you can freely interact with their presence mainly in early months of the yearly, with the herds moving away by the end of April.
  5. Maui Sports – The Maui calendar of events is fully packed for anyone from families to solo adventurers. No Maui vacation guide is complete without the local favorites. There are two upcoming marathons and one-half marathon in September, hiking, paddling, snuba and scuba diving, air surfing, and Maui’s world-renowned snorkeling (Molokini and Turtle Tours)—just to mention a few.
  6. Haleakala National Park – Experience the crème of the Maui region here. From churning waterfalls to delicate bamboo forest cover, Haleakala is the real deal. Be sure to check out the Silverwood species of plants, the moon-like crater floor and experience the five distinct climates all in the space of one national park.

There is so much more to see, do, and cherish in Maui, Hawaii. Check out our Maui Tour Guide to learn where to head straight to and skip all the less-than-awesome Maui attractions.