Spring Break: Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Spring Break is without a doubt the time when young Americans get to contribute and also take part in leisure travel. This is the only time of the year when you – as a young, ambitious, sexy person – can go somewhere where the weather is fine and have loads of fun with people of nearly the same as age as you without caring about the rules or consequences. It is the only week all year round when you can do whatever you want, with whoever you want to and without anybody to telling what or not what you shouldn’t do. And because of the general anonymity that the Spring Break fiesta brings with it, you are allowed to be someone totally different from what your friends/family know back at home.

That said, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best Spring Break destinations that you can come across in Mexico or in the Caribbean in general. While there is no refuting that Puerto Vallarta is considered to be just another sophisticated Mexican locale during the rest of the year, the place comes alive during Spring Break. And the fun is mostly concentrated along the Riviera Nayarit or in any one of the numerous 4/5 Diamond resorts that are clustered in the area.

Apart from this, here are some more reasons hitting the Puerto Vallarta shouldn’t miss in your next spring break bucket list.

  1. The Collage’s Foam Party – This is arguably the biggest event in Puerto Vallarta during the Spring Break week. It is one of those wild parties that are held on Tuesday nights and you’re grateful that you don’t have school or classes the following day. What’s more, this Foam Party is probably the only party all-year round when no one will judge you for being wild, drunk, wet and rowdy. If there is ever an opportunity of blending in a crowd of young, beautiful people, then this is it.
  2. The Bars and the Beaches – Puerto Vallarta has perhaps the best collection of bars and swanky nightclubs in the entire Malecon. And this collection of fine bars is backed up by several zoos – you can literally spend the whole night dancing near a cage of Columbus monkeys. The expansive white sandy beach with turquoise waters, on the other hand, makes for an awesome spot to kill that hangover by lazing all afternoon watching as the world go past by.
  3. Not Many People know of Puerto Vallarta – Unlike the regular and cliched Spring Break destinations that are usually overly crowded and teeming with hundreds of tourists, Puerto Vallarta is more of unexplored and pristine, even during Spring Break.