Spring Break in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


When the spring break comes, the one week break that you look forward to, travelling is often the best choice. The question is not just the travelling; it is where to? A variety of places exist, but Punta Cana stands out. It is right where your dreams come alive.

  • Location – Situated on the easternmost side of the Dominican Republic, its 20 mile stretch of beaches forming the famous Coconut Coast is where leisure meets desire. The Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean meet at this point and give the are a unique tropical hot and wet climate. It is a land of lavish. Its water attractions and several other features will offer you an experience of a lifetime and a place to visit every other time.
  • Why You Should Travel To This Place – When you think of travelling to this golden place, don’t look at it as a visit to a leisure place but rather an out of this world experience away from the hustle of life. The clear waters and shallow beaches will allow you not just to swim and bathe but to immerse into your dreams. The warm tropical temperature will play a perfect embrace on your skin leaving your body rejuvenated and revitalised. Just watching the sea alone is therapeutic to your emotions on its own.
  • When You Should Visit – The climate changes between the hot and humid season between May and October and the cool and wet season spanning between November and March. This weather makes it favourable all year long, however, the best time to visit from March to May when the rush for this location is less. This time coincides with the spring break, and if you asked me when you should be taking this trip, my answer would be spring break. At this time it’s warm enough and you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
  • Activities Available – A wide range of exciting adventures and involving activities are available in this dream place. From zip lining, kayaking, windsurfing, racing speedboats, party boats, sailing, swimming with dolphins to deep sea sports fishing, you can choose what thrills you the most. These activities ensure that every moment is breathtaking and memorable to keep. Four wheeling, private yachts, discovery cruises, floating spas, catamaran sailing and many more other activities ensure there is something for everyone.

So as the spring break starts, Punta Cana should be on your to-do list as a priority because you only live one. Set yourself free by getting a once in a lifetime experience.