Swimming with Flamingos in Aruba

Swimming with Flamingos in Aruba

We all somehow have a weak spot for the ‘some activity’ with ‘some animal’ in ‘some place’ excursion. It has helped ‘Swimming with pigs in The Bahamas‘ and ‘Swim with Great Whites in Australia‘ and ‘Breakfast with orangutans in Singapore‘ become so popular with vacationers around the world.

The latest craze in the genre is Swimming with the Flamingos in Aruba. Technically, that’s probably not the best description as flamingos aren’t very likely to go swimming themselves. If all the pictures uploaded online are any guide, the most accurate description would be: Take a selfie with a flamingo.

One thing is certain – they could not have picked a more picturesque setting. Aruba’s coastline of is famous for its sandy white beaches, and clear waters shining a resplendent blue and green and every shade in between. Into this paradise-like setting come pink flamingos, one of the most beautiful and graceful bird species we know. The birds themselves are accustomed to sharing this idyllic stretch of paradise with human visitors. They are as tame as can be and not shy about accepting food, which can make for some of the best holiday snaps.

You, too, can have this amazing experience (and take the selfies to back it up) by traveling to Renaissance Island, a private island of 40 acres just off the Aruban capital, Oranjestad. The journey by water taxi takes less than 10 minutes. Flamingos are a migratory species but at this island, they stay all year round. The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year in Aruba. The best time to visit and for the best chances of an Instagram-worthy selfie are highest between April and August, especially since it is outside the peak tourist season. Please note that because the private beach is owned by a private resort chain, their guests get priority access to the beach. Tickets are not available in advance and visitors not staying at the resort will only be able to get tickets to visit if the establishment is not booked out.

Oranjestad is famous for its wonderful setting for beach and ocean activities. For visitors looking for more than just birds, there are two passenger aircraft that have been sunk deliberately about 50 meters from the shore which make for a great pair of artificial diving sites. The city is the Dutch capital of Aruba and several structures dating to the colonial past still stand. The Historical Museum, formerly a lighthouse is a  interesting place. The Archaeological Museum with its artifacts dating back thousands of years is another.