The Largest Wine Festival In The World

The Largest Wine Festival In The World

The Dürkheim Wurstmarkt Wine Festival
7th – 11th & 14th – 17th
September 2018

The Wurstmarkt, which curiously translates as ‘sausage market‘, is in fact the world’s largest wine festival. It was originally established as a market for farmers and winegrowers in the 15th century. Since then, it has grown from a local wine festival in the Palatinate into a vast public fair and is one of the highlights of the 53 miles German Wine Route. Around 300 award-winning wines and sparkling wines form the core of the festival.

Nine days and nine nights of fairground rides, performances and catering outlets create a unique experience to be enjoyed by all the family. The large number of bands, playing music from a variety of genres, are sure to put visitors in a good mood!

At the heart of the Dürkheim Wurstmarkt are the wine stalls, known as wheelbarrow stands, which are built each year in the traditional style. They are the perfect setting to meet with friends and enjoy the award-winning wine, which is served in large tumblers known as dubbegläser or schoppengläser. 

The event culminates in a spectacular fireworks display over Michelsberg hill.

  • 9 Days to Celebrate
  • 36 Schubkarchstände
  • 300 Wines & Sect
  • 600 Years of Tradition
  • 685,000 Visitors

With up to 685,000 visitors, the Dürkheim sausage market is the largest wine festival in the world. On the 2nd and 3rd weekend of September, the Brühl meadows are transformed into a legendary festival site and have been around for almost 600 years.

  • Rides & Attractions – In addition to the wine and the sausage, it is the rides that make the Dürkheimer sausage market so interesting. With a great mix of spectacular rides, jaunts and classic attractions, the world’s largest wine festival offers fun and entertainment for young and old alike. Here, novelty novelties and an annually different design of the festival place provide variety and some surprise effect. Several children’s rides complement the offer and also delight the youngest sausage market visitors.
  • Wine & Marquee Tents – Enjoy with style, sausage market visitors are best served in the wine village, where wines are served stylishly in a stemware glass and the offer ranges from classic white wines to tasty red wines or hand-stirred winery insects.
  • Schubkarchstände – built year after year according to an old tradition, are much more comfortable. Covered with a tarpaulin and equipped with weatherproof curtains, you can also sit together when the wind on the course blows a bit rougher.
  • Fireworks – Two of the most beautiful traditions of the Dürkheim sausage market include two fireworks displays, which annually attract thousands of visitors to the fairground. In recent years, the multiple world champion of pyrotechnics, Helmut Reuter, of the fireworks company Steffes-Ollig staged the two heavenly shows and pulled the large and small audience into its spell.
  • Literary Morning Pint – A cult event on the Dürkheim sausage market is the literary Frühschoppen, to which every year thousands of fans of the Palatinate dialect meet on the first sausage market Monday in the Schubkarchständen. A great moment for dialect fans is the literary Frühschoppen on the Dürkheimer sausage market. Sung or spoken – the interpreters always give their vocal or text contributions “á Palácí”.

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