Tips on Packing Light for a Weekend Trip


It is virtually undeniable that at some point in your life, you will need or find yourself on the verge of a short weekend trip. In times such as this, it is always in your best interest to keep your bags or luggage tidy, small and, without forgetting, manageable. But do to this, you need the following valuable tips.

  1. Have a Packing List – You can make things way easier by starting your planning with a short but comprehensive packing list. Not only does this give you the rare opportunity of taking into consideration all the aspects of the trip, but also allows you to avoid carrying unnecessary baggage that would obviously bog you down and make your weekend getaway more cumbersome.  A packing list also comes in handy in keeping track of all items bought or carried to the trip by packing the role of a mini-inventory. Just in case you leave something behind in your hotel room.
  2. Try To Minimize Your Clothing Basics – Truth be told, you won’t need more than two pairs of pants (if you’re a man) and a couple of sundresses (for ladies) for a weekend vacation. Most people make the mistake of overburdening themselves with unnecessary clothes which they will barely use and as a consequence leave out more important items such as:
    • Make Sure You Pack Undergarments – Instead of carrying extra clothes, you can always bank on the fact that you’ll need more than your fair share of regular undergarments for your trip. While at it, don’t forget your pyjamas and, of course, an extra pair of socks.
    • You Will Need a Pair of All Purpose Shoes – These are shoes that are not only sturdy in nature, but also practical and neutral in color. Remember that you’ll want to carry shoes that you can comfortably wear for extended periods without any significant fatigue, and also footwear that you can easily match with different outfits. Speaking of which, these could be anything, ranging from a pair of sneakers to hiking boots.
  3. Smaller in Better – You don’t need to pack your existing toiletries for a weekend getaway. Instead, shop for mini versions of the same and, if possible, those that are quickly disposable. Worry not if you’re on a shoestring budget. You can decant some of the items such as your hair shampoo and conditioner from your home supply into smaller containers for use during the trip. Still on products, to save on space, prioritize starter products such as face wash, shampoo, soap, hair spray, hair products before packing in auxiliary items such as luxury colognes and a waxing kit.