Top 5 Activities in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

Guanacaste means ‘Ear Tree’ and is named for the perennial that is the national tree of Costa Rica. The province of Guanacaste lies with the shores of the Pacific washing its white sand feet. It is famous for the range of biodiversity with which it is blessed as well as the excellent and abundant watersports locations.

When visiting a natural paradise like Guanacaste, it would be a pity to squander the opportunity to discover Mother Nature at her most creative.

One such opportunity presents itself as the chance to walk on air.

  1. The hanging bridges of Arenal are a series of metal bridges suspended just above – and sometimes amongst – the treetops of the Arenal rainforest. Hanging from sturdy metal cables, their latticed floor allows adventurers to look upon one of the most richly diverse and unique ecosystems on the planet. The calls of colorful birds, monkeys and sloths resonate through the air and,if you are lucky, you will spot any of them. There are more than a dozen bridges suspended at various heights that together measure over 1.9 miles from start to end.
  2. The active Arenal Volcano is another exciting addition to any Guanacaste itinerary. Not far from the Hanging bridges, you might even have spotted it on your trek across the treetops. The volcano rises above the lush greenery 5480 feet into the air. The hiking trails meander through forest dotted with expanses where few plants, if any, grow. These are dried lava fields from previous eruptions that have hardened to become reminders that even if the volcano is not smoking right then, it is definitely not dormant.
  3. Natural hot springs are a wonderful way to let nature rejuvenate you. Lie back in one of these natural wonders and let the tiredness, stress and worry leech out off you. Tabacon, Baldi and Ecotermales Hot Springs offer pools at varying temperatures plus waterfalls and magnificent views that will convince you that you have stumbled upon Eden.
  4. If you want a touch of nature,but infused with a healthy dose of adrenaline, perhaps the slew of sea kayaking trips will appeal to you. See the Costa Rican coastline from a unique new perspective that not all are fortunate enough to. Sea kayaking is especially popular off the coast at Hermosa, Tamaraindo, Carillo and Samara Beaches.
  5. Last, but certainly not least – and possibly even the best – activity that we recommend that you indulge in while in Guanacaste is the Rainforest Chocolate Tour. This informative family-friendly tour takes you on the journey of chocolate and cocoa from its origin and history, and then lets you participate in the production process if you like. The best part – you can eat as much as you want!

Guanacaste is warm and sunny all year round, with brief rainy afternoon spells in the May to November rainy season. Do not let the rains deter you, though – they create beautiful mists around the rainforest canopy and walking through their coolness is a lovely experience. The first two months of the year are great to avoid the rains altogether while still avoiding the spring break rush.