Top Romantic Things to do in Istanbul 

Top Romantic Things to do in Istanbul 

If you did not know, Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities in the world. This is because there are enchanting offerings that draw lovers from all walks of life. Being on a boat with your lover will reveal magnificent sites including bridges, mosques and overall natural sky ambiance. To start your adventure, there are many islands that you can choose to visit like Princess Islands. Choosing a smaller island will provide for the tranquil environment you need to spend with your loved one. If you choose to go to Buyukada or big island, you will not be disappointed.

The islands allow you to recreate classic romance as you ride on a horse-drawn phaeton carriage. While at the islands, take time to enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch. With numerous fish restaurants, you are spoiled for choice. Explore some churches in the location as well; as you thank God for showering you with a loving mate. To get to these islands, you ride a ferry for about 40 minutes as you hold hands while starring into the endless sea.

Lovers are always eager to enjoy the wonderful delights of the Bosphorus. This inviting coast is filled with excellent hospitality spots where you can taste delicious dishes. This location offers ambient views of two bridges sitting on the banks. The evening view is even more dramatic and you are bound to fall in love with the Bosphorus. The most notable location is Bebek district and you will be delighted to make it your first choice.

Your next romantic spot can be a beautiful hill called Pierre Loti. This hill is named after a famous French writer. Here, you will get to enjoy unparalleled views of the Golden Horn. Take your lover to a pristine cafe at the hill for some historical experiences and exquisite dining. Other views to expect are the Galata Tower and Bridge, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. This is a well known meeting place for lovers and in this respect, you will want to capture many pictures and memories.

Celebrate your love with some yogurt and sugar. A famous place to do this is Kanlica. This is a small district that has stood out for its warm hospitality. This coastal location can be found on the Anatolian side. Take your time and let night find you here. The night views are serene and romantic. To get here, you can take a ferry. There are so many other places to explore in Istanbul and at the end of your adventure, your love-life will certainly be energized. The best time to visit Istanbul is from April to May and from September to mid November; the temperatures are ideal at this time.