“Track My Bags” The New Qatar Airways’ Feature to Ensure That No Bag Is Left Behind

"Track My Bags" The New Qatar Airways' Feature to Ensure That No Bag Is Left Behind

There is no doubt that every traveler dreads arriving at their destination just to find that their bags are missing at the airport. In many cases, some of these bags are never found and this is a nightmare to say the least. Missing bags are not uncommon at all and according to SITA, a transportation research and technology company, over 23 million bags were mishandled in 2015 alone. This is a startling number and any person can be affected no matter the airline you choose to use. Luggage can be lost, mishandled or stolen. In light of this, airlines have to do more to put the traveler at ease.

It is for this reason that International Air Transport Association (IATA) came up with Resolution 753. This resolution was developed in 2016 and issued to airlines so that they can minimize cases of mishandled bags. The body plays the role of setting industry standards as well as regulation for safety. According to IATA, this resolution will reduce the number of cases by up to 25 percent by the year 2022. Additionally, compliance will also save airlines $3 billion. Resolution 753 basically compels over 260 airlines to develop a certified system that will reduce the incidents of lost bags. To this end, there must be parameters put in place to prevent and mitigate the problems that arise. IATA gave the airlines until June 1st, 2018 to comply with the resolution.

Qatar Airways is the first airline to comply, well over a year in advance. The airline has created a feature that will update the traveler in real time about the status of their bags. This feature is called ‘track my bags’ and it is available as a mobile app and online. The traveler will know as soon as there is a disruption with luggage movement. This way, travelers can look for help earlier as the airline resolves the matter faster and more accurately. Qatar Airways has just announced the compliance making it an industry leader in this regard. This airline has definitely left a mark when it comes to devising solutions that promote the satisfaction of their clients.

It is worth noting that this feature is only available in Hamad International Airport in Doha, which is its hub. A report by SITA in 2015 showed that Qatar Airways was one of the best performing when it came to handling lost baggage. With this compliance, the airline is looking to make sure that no bag is left behind. This is indeed music to the ear of every traveler.