Travel Advisor: Jackie Williams

Jackie Williams

Favorite Travel Destinations

Anytime I travel it is my favorite at the moment. If I have to narrow to just one I would say Ireland. I believe all travel begins with a vision and Ireland is the place that the reality was exactly as I envisioned. Quaint, green, rolling hills, jovial pubs, picturesque.

My Travel Style Is...

It’s all in the details and squeeze as much out of a day and a destination as possible unless I am on a beach then just relax.

Areas of Specialty

All inclusive – friend trips, family

Fun Facts About Me

“I registered for travel agent classes in the last century and did not go and here I am full circle.

Live music always make it better.

I will never turn down a trip.

I love adding surprises on trips, whether it is a tchotchke, a surprise excursion or fellow travelers not knowing where they are staying.

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