President: Lynn Farrell

Lynn Farrell

Favorite Travel Destinations

I love adventures and amazing resorts. I have hiked Machu Picchu, biked from Berlin to Prague, Mooreas and Bora Bora, 7 islands in Fiji, Safari in South Africa and Safari in East Africa…which is better for Safari? Call me and we can chat!

My Travel Style Is...

I am a good listener, I like to curate amazing experiences based on the interest of the traveler. I like to find the unique experiences in a destination.

Areas of Specialty

Adventure – Hiking , Hiking, Touring along with amazing city stays and beach resort

Fun Facts About Me

Everyone also asks “What is your favorite destination?”—my answer is always the same: “My next adventure!” I love planning travel, talking about travel and traveling. It feeds my soul!

Anything Else

Your last suit has no pockets….have a little fun and create lasting memories!

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