Our Experience Traveling During Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed many aspects of life or put them on pause altogether. When we first began to quarantine, the thought of traveling distances both near and far seemed more daunting than ever. As the year progresses, more destinations are reopening their borders to travelers with new safety and health measures to keep you protected every step of the way.

Kathryn at Windy City Travel recently traveled to a popular vacation destination, Cancun, and documented what the travel process is like with the new procedures and safety measures in place. Here is what you can expect and other tips to help make your trip as safe and fun as possible!

Prior to Travel

Depending on your destination, you may need to provide a recent negative Covid-19 result to board your flight and be processed through customs. This is can be a very fluid stipulation for many countries. Windy City Travel agents will let you know if this is a requirement for your trip!

Know what policies are mandatory and enforced in your travel destination. Is inside dining allowed or can you expect to be seated outside? Does local law require face masks at all times, in public spaces, or not at all? Are advance reservations required at any sightseeing spots or experiences? We’re here to help you get answers these questions too!

Airlines are currently requiring that all travelers over age 2 have a face covering to wear during the flight. Most airports also require anyone in the building to be wearing a face covering at all times. Plan ahead and bring your own! If not, one will be provided for you.

Pack small hand sanitizer bottles that are easy to access during your flight and store in a purse or backpack while out and about.

Pick your seat assignments ahead of time. Try to get seats nearby people you are traveling with, or at least try to space yourself out in the cabin as much as possible.

At the Airport

Arrive early! There may be a longer wait in line at the airline counters and security checkpoints due to additional health and safety measures.

If you’re checking luggage, it will be externally sanitized prior to your flight.

During the check-in process, you will certify that you have not experienced covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone that has recently tested positive. Your temperature will also be taken prior to boarding.

During the Trip

Most pre-arranged transportation and in-destination transportation (such as taxis and Ubers) will require that you wear a face covering during the duration of your ride.

Many resorts and hotels will require that you wear your face covering in public spaces on the property. They may also take your luggage upon arrival to sanitize.

Extra hand sanitizing stations are everywhere! Take advantage of them whenever possible to protect yourself.

Maintain 6 feet of social distance from other travelers and employees when possible. Take note of any signage around you with occupancy limitations for elevators, restaurants, etc.

Buffet-style restaurants are no longer self-serve. A staff member will assist you in adding food to your plate. You are still more than welcome to come back for seconds or thirds!

Housekeeping utilizes extra measures to wash and disinfect your room daily, usually more than once. You can make requests to have your room sanitized more or less often.

Returning Home

Again, arrive early! Lines can be longer as you go through the same screening process of certifying you have no symptoms in addition to a temperature check.

Your home state may have a required quarantine period after you return. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to help you get this answer.