Trips to Take With Your Significant Other to See If They’re ‘the One’

Trips to Take With Your Significant Other to See If They're ‘the One’

Traveling – it can make best friends out of strangers and strangers out of best friends. It seems – and virtually every keen traveler will testify – that nothing reveals so much about people to each other than sharing both the mundane and thrilling parts of life with each other in a new place.

Those revelations can become the part that seals the deal… or the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Are you willing to discover once and for all whether your significant other is The One? Take these trips and all shall be revealed…

  • Back Home – Blood is thicker than water, right? Will they love your siblings like you do, will they strike a rapport with the cousin you hate, will they love the trip more than you did and will your family love them more than they love you? The trip back home is a primer for what the rest of your shared life will be like with the other people with whom you share a close bond. It gives everyone the opportunity to test the waters and see how it all clicks.
  • With Your Closest Friends – Just like with family, a trip with friends puts you both in the company of people who play a significant part in your life. No established circle welcomes a new member easily and seeing how your partner reacts to the guarded reception that they will receive from most can be a great insight into how your future together will unfold.
  • To Your Dream Destination – You have always wanted to go there and now you have the perfect person to go with…. or do you? The right company can make the rainbow seem more colorful and the wrong person can leech all the colors out.
    Your dream destination holds a special place in your heart for all the sights you wanted to see and all the things you wanted to do. If your partner is really The One, the odds are your experience will be everything you imagined, and more.
  • Ultra budget trip. To somewhere they don’t speak your language. With stones in your backpacks. Feel free to choose any two out of those three criteria. A difficult trip can be representative of your life together when everything isn’t smooth sailing. How does roughing it work for your partner? Do they break down or display a previously unseen resilience? Do you work together through adversity or do you fall apart?

The answers to these questions are very revealing about people’s true natures and the strength of the relationships they are in.

One thing to note: Of course trips are a great way to find out whether you are compatible. Just remember that we are all complex creatures and a bad trip does not a bad person make. If you love your partner and have had a great time with them doing a million other things, don’t lose them simply because a trip did not go well.