14-night Mediterranean Mosaic – Italy, Corsica, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco Expedition

  • Visit a total of nine amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this comprehensive itinerary.
  • View Tunisia’s opulent Byzantine churches, historic medinas, and superb Islamic mosques.
  • Tour three of Algeria’s most impressive Roman sites—Tipasa on the seacoast near Algiers, once home to 20,000 residents; astounding Djémila, its forums, archways, and temples comprising some of the finest Roman ruins in all of North Africa; and stately Hippo Regius at Annaba, the home of St. Augustine and a center of early Christianity.
  • Wander the winding streets of Morocco’s “blue city” Chefchaouen, and shop for unique handicrafts in the colorful souk.
  • Set foot on the Rock of Gibraltar and ride a cable car to the top of “the Rock” for splendid views over Spain, Morocco, and the Mediterranean.
  • Ports: Rome/Lisbon
  • Cruise Line: Zegrahm Expeditions
  • Ship: Le Champlain