Visit Bermuda for Golf

Bermuda Golf
Bermuda Golf

Bermuda always gets overpassed by tourists looking for the perfect golfing experience. The Caribbean Golf Courses are always favored because people don’t know what Bermuda has to offer when it comes to golfing. Bermuda is just 22 square miles but home to some of the best golf courses in the world. It is home to beautiful landscapes and rolling green tropical woodlands. Most of the golf courses in Bermuda have been designed by some of the best golf courses architects in the world. Bermuda is an ideal location for a golfing experience and even boasts two American PGA approved championship level courses.

Here are some reasons to make Bermuda your next golfing destination:

For a small Island of just 20 square miles, Bermuda boasts of nine world class golf courses. The country has more golf courses per square miles than any other country in the world. Most of the courses have a membership and non-membership entry is usually offered through specific hotels. You can be sure of experiencing some of the best experience in a quiet country playing in some of the best courses in the world.

Bermuda is strategically located and most people in the Eastern states of the US can directly fly to Bermuda. The flight will take you two hours or three if flying from Toronto, Canada. Those flying from London take up to seven hours, but the experience are worth the journey. Bermuda has mild weather and those winter storms that blast most of the coastlines in the US are avoided.

The opposite off season in Bermuda further makes it a great location. When the golfing events ease up in the Caribbean, they start to kick off in Bermuda. From November, all the way to March you can expect to experience some of the best golfing in Bermuda as other golfing events in the world come to an end. Most hotels drop their rates at this time, and you can be guaranteed a good price in most hotels as you sample the Bermuda golf courses.

Best times to visit Bermuda

The best time to visit Bermuda is from mid-December when springs like temperatures are observed all the way through March. By March, Temperatures hit 60 to 70 degrees, but the breeze from the sea makes Bermuda a great location.

Bermuda will give you the perfect experience if you are a golf fan and looking for a unique golf experience. This is a country that has not been fully explored and you will fall in love with it.

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