Like to Visit the Middle of the World?

Equator Line Monument
Equator Line Monument, marks the point through which the equator passes, Cayambe, Ecuador

Have you ever thought about going to the middle of the world? There are all sorts of vacation destinations that are right in the middle of the world. There is a place 25 minutes outside Quito Ecuador where the Northern Hemisphere meets the Southern Hemisphere. You can take a “”Middle of the World Tour”” a fun experience for everyone!

You can stand right on the equator and experience all sorts of amazing things. Have you ever wondered if water in a bath tub swirls in a different direction if you are on the other side of the world? Well now you can find out for yourself.

You can balance an egg on the head of a nail standing directly on the line. One foot away on either side and the egg will fall! You can try to walk on a straight line, arms outstretched but you will look as if you have been drinking!

Quito is a lovely city with some wonderful History . Very reasonable and the people were amazing! What a gift it is to share the world with my children!