What to Pack for a River Cruise

Happy Friday to all! This is our Friday Travel update from Windy City Travel!

Families are more determined than ever to see the world together, as we are seeing multi-generational travel continue to be a leading trend in travel this year. Many river cruises are meeting the growing demand with new opportunities for multi-generational families. Uniworld has a new river cruise, which is amazing for multi-generational families. Adventures by Disney and Tauck Tours have launched their family-specific Tauck Bridges sailings, which are amazing for families. Tauck was the first river cruise line to target this market. Tauck started providing offerings for multi-generational travelers in 2010, and they are now the leading river cruises for multi-generational family river cruises. Uniworld also has a very large generational collection portfolio where they offer options for kids specifically from 4 to 12, and specifically for teenagers from 13 to 17, where they offer onboard catered pastry making classes, ship tours with the captain, movie nights on board. Both of these groups, kids and teenagers, even have the opportunity onshore to meet and interact with local kids and teens in friendly soccer matches. They really do a great job. 

Currently in 2023, the most popular itinerary we are seeing has been the Castles and Kings: London to Paris itinerary offered by Tauck. 

When packing for a river cruise, it is important to remember what not to forget, as it can be a unique way to travel. Always pack multiple lightweight tops and t-shirts, including long-sleeve versions for sun protection. Also leggings, lightweight cargo pants, jeans, khakis, slacks and skirts are always good. Evening wear like casual dresses, slacks or nice collared shirts make sense for dinners on a river cruise. Finally, make sure that you have multiple pairs of lightweight socks, underwear, and at least two pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals. You want to be able to enjoy all the adventures available to you when traveling on a river cruise!

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