What’s to Eat on Virgin Voyages

Epic Eats All Under One Roof

Gone are the traditional buffet and main dining rooms; Virgin is dishing out a different kind of culinary experience for guests on its first ship. The Scarlet Lady doesn’t set sail until 2020, but Virgin previewed some of the food guests can expect onboard while officially announcing new designs for the ship’s restaurants, seaside lounges and casual eateries.

To bring this vision to life, we went in search of partners who understand that dining is more than just a daily task to be completed according to schedule. It’s an immersive journey. A time to indulge. A crucial part of your day that has the potential to set the rhythm for what happens from that moment forward. And it doesn’t come along just once every voyage. It happens every day, three times a day, and probably more once you get a taste of what we’re cooking.

Each and every single one of our spaces, from the glamorous Wake restaurant to the exciting and innovative Test Kitchen, and even The Pizza Place, will be second to none.

And even though we’re breaking the mold, providing complete creative and culinary freedom to our laureates of cuisine, there were a few caveats we considered to be non-negotiable.

Our voyages are Adult-by-Design, intended to provide an elevated eating experience that reflects our sailors’ daily lives, and the lives they aspire to lead. Dine wherever you want, whenever you want, in whatever way you want, guaranteed to exceed your appetite’s (and heart’s) expectations. We have surprises waiting around every corner, and if you’d like to share a plate with your fellow sailors, that’s fine too.

There is also no assigned seating or set dining times, and guests—or “sailors” as Virgin likes to call them—will choose from nearly two dozen dining options included in the cruise line’s fare. Restaurants also stay open well into the evening and, in some cases, the early morning for late-night munching.

Forget having to wait for your fun to begin. There’s already a bar in every restaurant. Go ahead, enjoy a few drinks before or after your meal.

  • Wake – Glamour is on the horizon at the aft of the ship. Designed by Roman and Williams, Wake offeres sailors a dramitic view of the ship’s wake while serving a sophisticated take on steak and seafood as well as a Sommelier led Magnum menu.
  • Razzle Dazzle – Designed by Concrete Amsterdam, Razzle Dazzle is the place where your vegan friend, your canivorous friend, your vegetarian friend, and your friend who hasn’t bought groceries in tow years can all enoy their favorite dish. Feeling a little bit cheeky? Sashay over to the Red Bar for a few extra suprises.
  • Test Kitchen – In this Concrete Amsterdam designed experimental, lab-like restaurant, chefs will have carte blanche. They’ve hand-picked all the ingrediants and writeen them down on your menu. As for how those ingredients will come togeher, you won’t know unless you dare to dine with us.
  • Geonbae – In Korea, you’re not drinkin right if you’re doing it alone. In Geonbae, our Korean BBQ restaurant designed by Softroom, we believe the same goes for eating (and drinking, of course). Enjoy the best Korean BBQ on the seven seas with the first round top-shelf soju shots on the house.
  • Pink Agave – Tom Dixon didn’t hold back when designing this upscale and refined Mexican restaurant. Fueled by the power of simple and fresh ingredients coming together for an explosion of flavor. Salty rim, anyone?
  • The Galley – Feeling a bit peckish? Designed by Softroom, the Galley, a made to order food market with options galore, is our answer to sailors’ concerns over wasting food. Instead of buffets, you have a variety of options for awhatever meal or creaving you’re feeling at the moment. From early breakfast to late night munchies, relax in one of the top communal spaces on board while you enjoy beautiful views and even better food.
  • The Pizza Place – The perfect spot for people watching and made to order pizza. At the Pizza Place, you have complete control over your pie, from the dough to the cheese, a little cracked pepper, a little ricotta, and any other topping you want, watch it come to life right before your very eyes.
  • Extra Virgin – Very few things in the world rival an exquisite dish cooked with a mother’s touch. For Extra Virgin, our pasta-focused eatery deeply rooted in Italian traditions, we felt the same goes for your surroundings. With communal tables and a private dingin room inspireed by a “mobster’s lair,” this is the perfect space to enjoy top-tier dining that feels like a home-cooked meal.

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