Wild Adventure in Darien National Park, Panama

Experience Wild Adventure at

Experience Wild Adventure at Darien National Park, Panama

Darien National Park in Panama is your one stop adventure spot. This is truly the home of wild adventures giving you a variety of offerings to your delight. The expansive park is made up of tropical rain forests, rivers, sandy beaches, excellent flora and fauna and a host of indigenous tribes that embody rich culture. This wild region is found on the Eastern side of Panama that borders Kuna Yala, Colombia and the Pacific Ocean.

This National Park is a sure jewel and for this reason, it was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. Some of the adventures to look forward to here include hiking, bird watching, jungle trekking, boat rides and 4 x 4 vehicle expeditions. An array of bird species can be found at the park. Some of the most notable species of birds include the Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, Ocelot, Tapir, Cainman and the Golden-headed Quetzal.

Other adorable attractions are mangroves, waterfalls and cliffy coasts. You will be happy to know that the tallest peak in Panama can be found here. At 6,150 ft Cerro Takarkuna can be climbed after the rainy season, making January the best time to visit. You cannot get enough of the local culture. The indigenous tribes include Wounaan and Embera as well as Africans. These tribes are known for their impressive creations that consist of woodcarvings and intricately woven baskets. Their artistic flair is hard to ignore and if you love to explore culture and lifestyles of interesting people, this is the perfect place for you.

Darien National Park is also home to extraordinary plant species. In fact, many of the varieties are unique to the world and this is very fascinating. Jungle expeditions are particularly popular with groups. You get a taste of nature like you have not had before. The thick green vegetation and majestic trees will make your experience worthwhile. Cativo is the most popular tree species which is mainly used for timber in the region. Premontane and montane forests also feature making this park a botanical haven.

To visit the Darien National Park for the ultimate adventures, you will need to get a permit from the park administration. There are simple accommodation facilities provided. For those who prefer camping, there are plenty of sites for this. This is a location that allows you to become one with nature as you appreciate the natural wild beauty. The adventures are endless in this Panamanian park; there is so much to discover.

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