Zip-Lining In Costa Rica


Costa Rica is truly an ecological marvel, and there’s no better way to experience its awe-inspiring beauty than by taking a zip-lining canopy tour. Trek and climb up among stunning natural vistas, through the beautiful jungle and around sensational waterfalls before harnessing yourself to a zip line and then flying majestically over them. Costa Rica is “the rich coast” for a reason – it offers a natural experience unlike any to be found on Earth.

This isn’t your traditional zip lining experience either. The country is packed with zip lines all over its wondrous natural parks and reserves, and the scenery involved is truly majestic. When people think of zip lining adventures, they picture themselves holding on to a bar and then traversing a short distance. This couldn’t be further from the reality, as the adventurer is safely enclosed in a full-body harness, which is attached to the line itself.

Typical tours start with a group. Imagine being transported to another world, where you will begin your slow and scenic trek up a mountainside in the confines of a gondola or tram. Some tours offer manual climbs with guide ropes and even give the participant the option of climbing through a waterfall itself.

The most popular tours, though, will transport the thrill-seeker up to the top of the canopy, where they can wonder at the world above the treetops. Walking around and taking in the scenery, watching birds fly above the trees while other native wildlife calls from the brush below. Marvel at the solitary existence that only you can see – the world itself seems to vanish under the protected shield of the treeline. Then, when it’s time to descend back to the ground, imagine being hooked on to a line, arms and legs outstretched, as you literally fly down the side of the mountain, through the trees and lush vegetation, until you reach the point of your departure. It’s an experience akin to having your own wings, giving you the opportunity to look down and witness the Earth approach as your heart beats wildly.

Costa Rica is replete with these types of zip line adventures. Safe, incredibly fun and rewarding, there’s no better way to experience the majesty of nature than by taking one of these thrilling rushes through the jungle canopy. Feel the sensation of floating above the most stunning beautiful vistas available anywhere while the wind rushes in your face. A thrilling zip line adventure in Costa Rica is like feeling at peace with the world while simultaneously flying above it.