Balloon over the Serengeti

Early morning flight of hot balloon over Serengeti national park, Tanzania

The Serengeti – one of the last remaining truly wild areas of the Earth. And you, observing every interaction of its residents, large and small, from a vantage point in the sky. Perfect.

The thrill of ballooning over the Serengeti is singularly unique enough for it to be a popular entry on many a bucket list. Teeming with exotic wildlife, the Serengeti is populated by species locked in interdependence with each other to create a living, breathing complex ecosystem millions of years in the making. From the big cats not seen anywhere else in the world to the prey they hunt – light-footed deer to the deceptively lumbering hippopotamus – this crucible of nature in its full power and glory affords us a primal link to our past.

Through the dynamic and extremely distinctive perspective that a balloon in the sky is able to provide, you will come to understand the bigger picture, literally. Normal safaris on terra firma offer limited vistas but an aerial safari in a hot air balloon allows participants to understand the cause and effect of nature as it happens for a deeper appreciation of how every element and occurrence affects every other.

A balloon ride typically begins early in the morning and you can even watch the preparations being made and the balloon itself gradually coming to life. Once airborne, the pilot will control the altitude of the balloon, but they themselves do not have complete control over the course the balloon eventually will take – that is dependent largely on the wind itself and means that no two rides are ever exactly alike.

Secrets hidden from the naked eye at ground level emerge from the background to reveal an unseen and seldom-acknowledged world of activity as wildlife trails pop into view, and sometimes even perfectly-camouflaged predators tracking their prey.

Your pilot is a skilled navigator and a dedicated conservationist who understands the movement trends and migration patterns of species native to the area; the ideal ballooning route varies by the time of year. Marvel at hundreds of animals moving in a dance of organized chaos across plain, scrub and water, and the keen-eyed predators which circle their herds in deft movements of powerful limbs and ready jaws. Wonder at the game of mortal hide-and-seek that plays itself out before your eyes.

The Serengeti’s freedom from urban sprawl means that buildings, power lines and highways will never come between you and the African adventure you have always yearned for.